Sunday , February 28 2021

How is Sabbi in the team? I do not know anyone

Players-selectors-captain-bisibakar Previously, there was no water of this type depending on the participation of a cricket player. Who is involved in the conspiracy to save or be excluded from the screen. One of the issues is clearly evident that no one wants to take responsibility, that is, in the Sabber team about the bribe of information. It is also foolish to know who made the report. Experts believe that this should be accepted by the Sabbir team and if the opportunity can be allowed, it will survive, otherwise it will not be on the list of players in the national team.

Sabbir Rahman is six months in a ban on September last year because of bad behavior. That will expire on the last day of February. But with the surprise of everyone, the ban was reduced to Sabbir's team in Bangladesh. In this decision, the main coach Minhazul Abedin said that in the Sabbath called Capt. Mashrafe, however, Mashrafe rejected the statement, saying that he only gave his opinion about Sabbir, nothing else. None of the board could clearly say anything about this matter.

On this side, the president of BCB, Nazmul Hassan Papon, went to the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury stadium in Chittagong to see the BPL party on Monday. The question of Sabbir also arises there. But the president of the BCB did not say anything specific about this. Papon said that it does not interfere with the election of the party. As a result, how does Sabbir in your computer enter? After the training of the team can be delivered to the President of the Board for final approval. There he learned about Sabbir. "When the list comes to me after the sign of all, I asked about the punishment of its punishment. When the punishment is over, he told me that the punishment was finished in January. It might be wrong. One could be, the reduction of the penalty reduces the punishment. I did not ask anything more.

But to explain the inclusion of the Sabbir team, he pushed the captain and coach to his father: "Sabbir's problem is that perhaps the captain-coach would have to Asked, since then, the World Cup was intended. They said that if he does well (in the New Zealand series), there will be an opportunity for the World Cup. "

The head of BCB also launched great challenges for Sabbir, saying: "I think it would have been better to take more time, to come back more and more." There is now much more risk to him. A little falsification can end your professional career. This is definitely the last chance for him. If he does not come back to life, he will not play again.

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