Tuesday , September 27 2022

"I did not realize I was a victim of sexual abuse" – 727434 | Kaler Kantho


Tonusree Dutt began the #Mitu to Bollywood movement. The public said inappropriately months ago. The allegation was that the actors were involved in various petitions, along with several others. Since then, there was a storm in the #Mitu storm. Many stars reveal their sexual abuse. Now the name is added to the list of Swara Bhaskar.

Swara said that many years ago, a director had sexually assaulted him. But the victim of sexual harassment that was, or at that moment, could not understand the heroin! But the oppressor did not publish the name of the manager publicly.

In the words of the voice, "It took me 6 to 8 years after the incident. At that time I felt that someone else spoke of his persecution. Then I thought, what happened to me in the place of work, after sexual assault! I was plundered by the director!

Swaroop meant that, at that time, his age was very low. He did not understand the meaning of bad behavior due to inexperience. With this simple confession, Swara said: "We still do not charge young girls, what does bad behavior mean? They can understand discomfort, just like I was uncomfortable. Children should be aware of these things and children they should be aware of them.

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