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I just saw the ball and Marie


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<p>His bat spun around the wicket. It has attached the identity of "360 degree battalion" with the name. Rangpur pilots, South African BA Villiers, said Saturday last weekend playing tennis in Chittagong,</p>
<p><strong>Q: How are you enjoying the BPL?</strong><br /><strong>AB de Villiers:</strong> Feels good He has some good friends in a good group. Match three won In total, the team is in great pace. I saw many visitors to the field. There is a great interest in the game of being human here. The tournament is very much enjoyed by everyone.<br /><strong>Defense: You've played the franchise in other countries. How is the BPL compared to them?</strong><br /><strong>De Villiers:</strong> It's not as good as the IPL. The tournament has not started so long. IPL is celebrated for 11 years, this is the sixth season of the BPL. So, his age is still not very large. But the BPL contest can be with other major tournaments in the world. I also want to come back here.<br /><strong>Q: Does the wicket you are playing, T-Twenty seems correct? Although the bats had good races in Chittagong but struggled to run at the beginning of the tournament …</strong><br /><strong>De Villiers:</strong> See, each wicket is different, this is normal. How much can you adapt to the different conditions, but also a part of your skills. I saw Chris Gayle as an output of 1 (2), and I also saw 230 entries here. This is the beauty of cricket.<br /><strong>Q: How do you rate the bats at T20? Do you see the standard cricket baptism of more than 20 in your bat?</strong><br /><strong>De Villiers:</strong> I can not say for sure, because they have not seen much time from very close. However, there are several experienced cricketers in the squad. Shakib, Mahmudullah, Mushfiqkara have been playing for a long time. Now they can win the team. Actually, the great thing is that if you plan to use the plan at the center of the field. Bangladesh is slowly becoming a good team and I think they will do well in the World Cup.<br /><strong>Question: talk to you. He said goodbye to international cricket. How difficult was this decision?</strong><br /><strong>De Villiers:</strong> It was not a difficult decision. Because I have only heard of my mind. I thought, I should spend more time with the family. Instead of playing cricket for 12 months, now I will play cricket for five to six months in the year. The decision to withdraw was as good to me as for the family. Now they give me more time.<br /><strong>Q: You can say "360 degree battalion" because you can hit the whole path. What do you say, what do you have to do to be a batter?</strong><br /><strong>De Villiers:</strong> Unfortunately, however, I can not describe the process. I've always wanted to keep things right. This is very common for me, I only see the ball and Marie. I do not think much about that. I just tried to play around the world, win games.<br /><strong>Q: So much so that Dhundhuri beat, so he did nothing different …</strong><br /><strong>De Villiers:</strong> Of course not. It has been in the form of hunger for hunger, the desire to be the best, and the persecution of the winning parties. Speaking of any move, if you really want to be the best, you will definitely find an exit.<br /><strong>Q: He had the dream of winning the World Cup in the country. Unfortunately</strong><br /><strong>De Villiers:</strong> Not at all. Because it is also part of the game. You win some matches, lose some. We won tomorrow (tomorrow), we can win tomorrow (today). This is cricket It would have been great if he could get out of the game to win the World Cup. But as a cricket player or a man, I will not evaluate that person alone. I played around the world and I scored a lot. I have a wonderful career, which I have enjoyed every moment. I have many good friends. Therefore, I do not regret doing anything.<br /><strong>Question: In one day of both tests and ODIs, there could have been 10 thousand races. Suddenly, they both left the game suddenly. Do you have any value in the registry?</strong><br /><strong>De Villiers:</strong> I do not think of registering. I never thought before. Do not even think about the future. I just want to win matches for my team.<br /><strong>Q: You probably do not have personal frustration with the World Cup. But the World Cup will never win is a sadness of South African cricket. So how are you looking at the 2019 World Cup?</strong><br /><strong>De Villiers:</strong> The computer is fine. In fact, all the good teams in the World Cup. Everyone has the opportunity to win trophies. And I will also be curious to see the tournament. South Africa has been playing a good cricket for a while. There is a great balance in the team. I hope, surely, that South Africa will win the World Cup.<br /><strong>Q: Some suggestions for young cricketers who want to be like a beater like you?</strong><br /><strong>De Villiers:</strong> Do the basic work correctly.</p>
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