Sunday , October 2 2022

I told Sir: I am very scared: Tamim


After scoring two consecutive matches, he said: "I have innings in the interior of which everything will change.& # 39; But Tamim Iqbal, who was afraid of what would happen if he did not make those entries, coach Mohammad Salauddin was bold. Shaheed Afridi also dared to hear the story of his death.

Tamim, who scored 73 42-ball races against Khulna Titans, said after all the discomfort and fear of the mind exploded, Tamim had experienced this experience.

He has never been out of the last two games in the last two games. Make all the statistics in mind. This was done after the incident in the BPL. Before leaving for the pursuit of Khulna Titans in 182, the worm of discomfort became so strong that Tamim spent the most nervous moment in his career. If another becomes zero!

After winning the team, after winning the fear of being the best of the game, he told the news about his mind before going to bat. "I do not think he's so nervous in the last seven or eight years before a game. I said Mr. (coach Mohammad Salauddin) that" sir, I am very scared. "Sir, as a lord, he gave me the trust. & # 39;

Afridi came and explained his stories. So they also understood that it was not quite normal. I do not think I've seen the situation in the international match. Today I have been very nervous to say the truth. "

Junaid Siddiqui scored 181 races in 41 balls with 41 races, Mahmudullah Khulna. Tamim took the storm in the race against Enamul Haque Bijoy. In the opening pair of 115 races. Tamim was fired for 73 of 42 balls with six and six. After marking the danger, Comilla Victoria won 3 wickets.

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