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I'm going to take Sabbirro to make the right decisions, the question does not arise … – 730484 | Kaler Kantho


Question: How did the team of the New Zealand series?

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza: Not bad. Those who were, they are. There have been one or two changes. In fact, there are many changes in the squad considering the World Cup. Even eleven are not the same.

Question: The deadline for announcing the World Cup team before the tri-series in Ireland. Before the final election, three ODIs against New Zealand are not the last chance?

Mashrafe: Almost like that But the end of the game is over. There are problems with the way, there are problems of physical conditioning. The team that is on tour in New Zealand is a team in the World Cup, it can not be said. But here there can not be much change, you can say it.

Question: Imrul Kayes, who scored 349 races in a single series, was retired from the New Zealand squad for the tour. Do not feel miserable?

Mashrafe: There is no reason not to feel unhappy. The way Zimbabwe played was amazing. You can not play both matches against the West Indies. Then he left the eleventh. Now, from the squad, of course, Imrul Unforgiven, if it is considered.

Question: Naeem Islam, who has set aside, has taken the idea of ​​the World Cup?

Mashrafe: I'm not sure exactly. Think now in the New Zealand series. The New Zealand batting line has five left armies. We need so much care. If there is a problem in Miraz, then if there is a spinner on the list, then taking Naeem into account, but the World Cup can not be said right now. As for Naeem in New Zealand, it depends a lot on him.

Question: The main coach said: "I am clear that it is totally our choice of the captain." There have been many discussions and criticisms about it. So, do you talk to Minhazul Abedin?

Mashrafe: No, then he did not speak.

The captain wanted the main selector to respect the demand. So Sabbir Rahman at the New Zealand tour team. "Do not miss the opportunity." Coach Steve Rhodes says that this is Sabbir. Photo: Mir Farid from Chittagong

Question: Speaking with Sabbir?

Mashrafe: No.

Question: Speaking to the chairman of the board Nazmul Hassan?

Mashrafe: I have never talked to my father about that. So small things that are so great!

Question: What did you tell the selectors about taking Sabbir?

Mashrafe: I should not do more than simply giving comments. The captain of the select panel of many other countries. It is not in our country. I'm going to take Sabbirro to the team for his only decision, the question is not raised. I just gave my opinion.

Question: The criticism that focuses on Sabbir is that the captain must also be part of the select group to avoid something in the future?

Mashrafe: See, when you are in charge, you will need to accept that there may be criticism here. Because people only make mistakes. Again, it is true that the person who works is wrong. If it does not work, there is no chance to make mistakes. If I were criticized from the board of selectors, I would at least console myself. But now I am not. Now the selector is part of the coaching coach, and the captain informs the manager about it: Chandika Hathurasinhha started the process. True, it can not be said. Once again, he made mistakes, it can not even be said. But if the captain means the direct panel of the selectors, the better it will be.

Sabbir Rahman has been saved to the ODI team for the New Zealand tour to reduce the ban. The main coach, Minhazul Abedin, said: "It's totally the choice of our captain." Since then, criticism has reached critical banks Mashrafe Bin Mortaza. Kalis at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Chittagong Noman MohammadHe explained his position in this exclusive interview. The angry Mashrafei was found and also disappointed Mashrafei. But Mashrafe could not find the easy way to avoid his responsibility.

Question: That is, can the captain be included in the selection panel?

Mashrafe: I think it will be in the future. Otherwise, it would be difficult to work. Because at the end of the 11 players, the captain will come to the field. Now it seems that team XI is right; It is not necessary for the captain to choose who will be the rest of the four. But 15 captains are important for the captain. Because everyone needs any time at all. The captain's name was written at the beginning, but the 15th member of the important team like him. For this reason, I think the captain does not listen or feel, the captain must keep the selectors on the panel.

Question: That's all about Sabbir, he did not do well in international cricket. What is the reason for this trust in him?

Mashrafe: I'm talking about something simple. I have shown confidence in Sabbir, not because I have to take it. The computer will not run unless you take it. The festival did not run for the days of Sabbir. The name of the 14 players on the tour of New Zealand has been corrected. Next, the names that were seen by number 15, it seems that Sabbir was taken. Because the ability to handle the best players in the rhythm of the opponent in seven world cups is more than ours. I talked to Sabbir thinking about the potential. If it does not look good, do not have it. We played in the Asia Cup final, even after not having done so; Zimbabwe won the series against the West Indies. Sabbirake was not without it? It will be before many people have given; But the selectors did not.

Question: Do you like it?

Mashrafe: Like Abdur Razzak During the 2016 World Cup of T20, all senior cricketers were talking about him. Shakib said, Tamim said, Mushfiq said that Riyadh said: I have called the captain. But it was Saaklain Sajib. This is an injustice for her. Because after playing a game, it was said that he could not cover that pressure. So why did you bring it to the computer? I can say this because today there is no coach in Hathurashinga. I could not say if you did. Many times I wanted to be a captain. I have not succeeded.

Question: But you have the responsibility to take the prohibited Cricketer Sabbir; Especially after the main electoral speaker?

Mashrafe: The decision of the Board to reduce the ban is totally on board. I have nothing to do there. And what are you talking about? Avoiding responsibility is the easiest in the world. Well, we have to think about it. Now, when I have the responsibility to bring Sabbir a team, I take responsibility for it. Bangladesh's cricket is not my family's team. And not even my relatives of Sabbir; Rather, the king's intimate friend. But I think that someone in the Sabbir case should take responsibility for that. Bangladesh's cricket has not been so irresponsible in the place where it has left. Since I spoke with the main selector, I accepted to assume responsibility. Very well, I got Sabbir in the team according to my words. I have selected. Because someone has to take responsibility for someone. How long will you avoid liability?

Question: I mean: "I have selected Sabbir without the selector".

Mashrafe: Of course. Since I have spoken, I take responsibility. There is no problem. Bangladesh's cricket is such a great place, why not take responsibility? I have auctioned

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