Thursday , January 28 2021

Ind vs Birds Ravichandran, Ashwin’s wife, Prithi, writes her dgtl experience

On the fifth day of the Sydney test, Ravichandran Ashwin saved India’s rate by showing a firm attitude. His wife Preeti tweeted after the match that he had to play with unbearable back pain. This time, he said, the night before the match, Ashwin had to go through an unbearable situation. He had to crawl to the physiotherapist’s house.

In a newspaper column, Preeti wrote: “I have seen him suffer for a long time. But what I’ve seen this time, has never happened in the past. Ashwin could not move properly. Crawling on the ground. I couldn’t get up once I sat down. The body could not bend. The next day I didn’t know how to get out on the field. I told him once, let go. “I have to play,” Ashwin replied.

Preity said Ashwin had a problem during the warm-up before the fourth day’s game began. The pain continues to increase after the ball in the game. After returning to the hotel, Ashwin sighed in pain. Going to the physio didn’t help. Describing his morning experience of the fifth day, Preeti wrote, “I was terrified to see him. Janal also crawled to the physiotherapist’s house in the morning. I couldn’t stand up. I was scared and they asked me, “How are you going to beat?” He said, ‘I don’t know. I have to go to the field. Then I will think. After leaving, I thought, maybe someone in the group will call and say they’ve taken him for an exploration. “

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Australia wanted to make the most of the pain to get Ashwin back in the locker room. The ball was constantly aimed at the goalkeeper or the body. Tim Penn’s sleigh came from behind the wicket, which was also countered by Ashwin. “I was surprised to see Ashwin respond,” Preeti wrote about the two crickets ’war of words. He doesn’t usually do that. So what is losing focus? Or I can’t stand the pain getting worse. I was praying in my heart, Ash, don’t answer. But when I spoke to Hanuma in Tamil, I realized that he was calm.

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