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India played against England


India really played against England to win. Many of the cricket fans made these questions to social networks.

The victory of the World Cup this year in the form of a victory was India. The defeat of Virat Kohli to 31 defeats against disappointing fans after pursuing 338 against England. Many fans of the cricker say India did not play against England's winning mindset

At the end of the entries in India, there is a broad criticism of social networks with batless christening of Dhoni-Yadav.

Many people say that Dhoni has hit such a bad guy as he has been able to deliver Pakistan changing to the World Cup.

Farhad Titu, who wrote his own account on Facebook, said that with the formation of hitters, India had achieved the first six in the last. Any team that is going to pursue a goal of 338 races when they reach the final … it is believed that the team won – can one believe?

Mahbub Rahman, who wrote on Facebook, analyzed the baptism of India as if he did not intend to win. Another match!

Talking on social networks, Chahal did not get any wicket with 10 overs today. They simply did not get wickets, 88 run outdoors. Nobody has given India a match more than the World Cup.

Javagal Srinath scored 87 races in the 2003 World Cup final against Ricky Ponting. In the last three World Cups, the disc has not broken and no one has broken. Bowling record at the expense of the highest cost of India in the World Cup

There are only two spinners who have scored more than Chahal in the World Cup. A Rashid Khan. And in the two spinners, Dwayne Leverak is in the center. The left wing has scored 96 races against India in the 2007 World Cup in Bermuda.

The most important part of the England-India game in social networks is that India has played a few matches against Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the battleships and bowling alliances.

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