Tuesday , October 19 2021

iPhone: Are you selling an old iPhone? Have you done these things before?


#Kolkata: Many people have a fondness for using new cell phones. And that’s why many change cell phones many times a year; In this case, they sold the old phone. In the case of the Apple iPhone (Apple iPhone), resale value is available. So many people sell old phones to buy new ones. But in this case, it is important to consider several things before selling the phone. What things need to keep in mind?

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All data is transferred to iCloud Drive

In the case of the iPhone, users can keep all their data in iCloud. In this case, before selling your phone, all your phone information should be stored in iCloud. As a result, the new person using the phone will not get this information. There will be no possibility to delete any data as well.

Offline data can be saved in iTunes

Because there is often no place in iCloud. In this case, iTunes can be used. The necessary information can be stored by downloading it to your iTunes application or PC.

Uncheck the device

If any other device is paired with the phone being sold or any other device is connected, it must be unpaired. If the Apple Watch app has multiple devices connected, including the AirPod, it must be unpaired before it can be sold.

Sign out of iCloud Drive

Your phone must be signed out of the App Store and iCloud Drive before selling. This is because new users will be able to access all the information if they sell the phone while they are logged in.

Format the phone

Before selling your phone, please note that the phone does not contain any information. To do this, all information must be deleted from the phone. If possible, formatting the phone before selling is an advantage. This will delete all personal information.

How to delete all phone data? First go to Settings. After that, you have to go from here to the general option. The reset option will then be available. All data will be deleted by clicking on the Delete option at the end.

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