Monday , September 27 2021

Is the mother left behind?

Zakia Bari’s mother has been working in the cultural field since she was a child. She received the National Dance Award at an early age. After completing his upper secondary studies, he entered the Department of Drama and Drama Theory at Jahangirnagar University.

While studying here, she entered the Lux beauty contest. The mother left everyone behind and became the champion of that competition. Then just the story to move on.

He also won the National Film Award for his first film ‘Cinnamon Island’. After that, he became a first-rate actor acting in dramas and starring films. Unexpectedly, he received praise from the audience for his performance.

But this successful actress has not been working for the past few years. Despite acting well, the number of dramatic films has declined. Some say the mother is less focused on acting because she is depressed by various aspects of her personal life.

According to some, her relationship with her husband is strained. Although the mother has never complained about this to anyone. The mother is worried about her personal life and her acting career. Now acting in dramas goes through couples. In this situation, he is not able to form an association with any particular person. This can also be the cause of your anxiety. However, the mother has flown these things.

“I have no problem in my personal life,” he said. My family life is going well. I have been acting erratically since early last year due to the coronavirus. Once the situation improves, I will be busy again. There is no truth in the negative rumors about me. My goal is to win the hearts of the audience by acting on good stories and characters.

This actress has acted in a serial drama after a long time. His name is ‘Sat Ma’. It airs on NTV under the direction of Habib Shakil. Anjan has also starred in a film called ‘Agamikal’ directed by Aich. It is now pending release.

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