Tuesday , May 17 2022

It starts with the "International Music Festival in Dhaka"


Popular artists from the country and abroad sing songs of the first day of the festival. Photo: Collected

The great holiday season of the subcontinent begins again in a spectacular event. The fourth edition of the festival will begin on Sunday at 6 pm at the Army Stadium in the capital, San Fernando.

In addition to the famous three-day celebration of Bangladesh, artists from different countries perform folk songs from 18h to 12h.

Singer Bangladesh Abdul Hai Devan, popular band Dindakandar from Poland, Indian artists Jugal Vadali Brothers, Indian musician Satiaki Banerjee will present the festival. In addition, there will also be three dances in the performance of the drama "Samana Hossain Love" "Bhana".

Now the spectators will enjoy the festive occasions. Finding the best folk songs in the world, including Bangladesh On the same platform, 174 artists from seven different countries of the world will gather. Significant artists this year are: Momtaz Begum, Baul Abdul Hai Devan, Baul Kabir Shah, Arnab, Nakshi Kantha, Svarabenjo, among others. Vadali Brothers from India, Raghu Dikit, Satakki Banerjee, Shafkat Amanat Ali from Pakistan, Majaar from Bahrain, Gramma Winner from Los Angeles, Los Tekmaniaks from Poland, Dogander from Poland and Las Miigos from Spain.

Every time this information will be available on the Daka International Folkfest page on Facebook.

Organizers and bearers of false cultural heritage of the thousand-year-old national-language Bengali nation. The peace of the soul can be found in a wonderful mixture of folk music, rhythm and rhythm. For three years, the International Folk Music Festival has been organized for our songs, heart music and the spread of folk songs.

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