Monday , September 26 2022

Kader looks at AL's victory in the research


General Secretary of the Avami League and Minister of Road Traffic and Stress Obaidul Kuader File photo Secretary General of the Avami League, Obaidul Kvader, said that the Avami league was ahead in the results of the most recent poll, six months back, in which the places of the Avami League were slightly behind, they are now in good shape. Who they hope to lead a liberation war in the general election held in December, the Parti Avami League Rai will win.

The Minister of Road Transport and Construction, Obaidul Kuader, told a news conference in the presidential office of the president of the Avami League in Danhmon on Friday.

Obaidul Kvader said that only in the survey was conducted a few days ago that the position of the Avami League was not seen only by those who are the opposition, the rival side, their position is also seen. In this, Avami League is ahead of its opponent.

The answer to the question, the leader of the Avami League said, the BNP has become desperate. In fact, in living people, their position at the bottom. The BNP has become desperate of frustration. Desperate Speaking

Without naming anyone's name, Obaidul Quader said, those who have been in a democracy for so long have been incognito. For so long they spread the language of the liberation war. In order to win the elections, they forced the communal forces to go to power. Their identity is communal power. Against this, the Avami League fight.

Opposition BNP leaders and activists have been arrested in several cases since the announcement of the schedule – Obaidul Kvader said police would burn police cars, vandalize, 20 police officers to send injured to hospital, and terrorist acts-violence will be punished without punishment. Will it fall in the autumn?

Secretary General of the League of Ammunition said, after publishing the schedule how the BNP shows this boldness? If crime is a criminal case against a criminal? These are crimes, acts of terrorism. Such crimes will not be punished without punishment.

Obaidul Kader also said that the elections are good, which is why the police do not interfere. The Avami League can tolerate many things as a ruling party, so people from the country can vote in a peaceful environment. The GNP must not think that the tolerance of the Avama League is a weakness.

Road traffic and an entrepreneur complained against the BNP, the BNP attacked the police in Paltan, proving that they want to continue their old path, a road of fiery terrorism. Because, BNP knows, the support of the people of Bangladesh is on their side. That's why they chose the path of violence, the path of sabotage.

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