Monday , September 26 2022

Kamal Hossain traveled to Singapore to examine health


He left for a Singapore Airlines flight at 10:30 p.m., the front unit said
The media officer, Jahangir Alam Mintu, said.

He told, "Go to Singapore at night for medical check-ups
It's been there to be reviewed at the Queen Elizabeth hospital. "

Hossain is also with Hamida Hossain, he said.

BNP has boycotted the ten parliamentary elections a year ago as part of the elections to be part of the national united front under the leadership of Kamal Hossain.
Take & # 39; l. The elections held on December 30th are filled with skins

In the elections this year, the Awami League won an absolute majority of 257 seats
For the third time, the government has achieved a victory. On the other hand, the mating of the voters against the governing party
The unified front has announced that its elected deputies will not take oath to Parliament.

When canceling the results of the elections "under new party government"
UnityFront will make the citizen dialogue in Dhaka on February 6, demanding the election. Kamal Hossain presided over the program
You have to do

At the end of the week, he will return from Singapore to the country, the media wing of UnityFrench
Mintu said.

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