Saturday , May 8 2021

Look Rupanjana: the dispute within the BJP? Dilip Ghosh should not be named for “unknown” comments about artists

#Kolkata: Due to statements by BJP state president Dilip Ghosh, this time there is a fight within the BJP. Artists and entertainment actors play a special role in this year’s assembly elections. Many are vying as BJP candidates. But Dilip has made “unfounded” comments about these artists. Netdunia is surprised by the condemnation of this comment. Even actress Rupanjana Mitra, a member of the party, condemned the statements without naming Dilip Ghosh. However, political circles and the clean world have had no difficulty in understanding that this post belongs to the state president of the BJP.

Dilip Ghosh has directly threatened artists with a media outlet. Their demand should be for artists to perform, dance, sing, and so on. He should not get into politics. The BJP state president also threatened what would happen to artists if they entered politics. And that has created a storm of doom.

Rupanjana wrote in a Facebook post that today he feels very young as an artist. Can they insult us this way as a colored fly? Our hard work will be rubbed. Will honesty and devotion to our own work be despised? No, I’m not cheating. I also tell my BJP workers: don’t be afraid. Enough is enough. I can’t stand such disrespectful behavior. অনেকেই অনেকেই Many people in the clean world have applauded him for protesting even though he is a member of the party. A few days ago, Rupanjana also criticized the party’s three-star candidate, Sravanti Chattopadhyay, Tanushree Chakraborty and Payal Sarkar. On the occasion of Dol, three actresses played with Trinamool leader Madan Mitra. They also danced with the base game. These images are viral on social media. Even though they said, these days they have forgotten the color of the swing and played with color between them.

Rupanjana was vocal in condemning the incident. He wrote, “I really lose my tongue. I’m blown away after seeing these pictures.”

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