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Manish and Nandita said they were against sexual assault


On the second day of the eighth meeting of the Dhaka Liter Festival on Friday morning, they participated in a session called "Breaking Bad" organized by the Bangla Academy in Dhaka.

Born in the Nepalese political family, Manish Koirala Shonan, her Bollywood journey, her acting barriers as barriers, social perspectives and her thoughts on Bollivood's movement.

Nandita Das also talked about acting in "Fire" for two women's homosexuality, criticizing the patriarchal view of India, including Bollywood. She urged women to fight bravely with sexual violence.

In October last year, Hollywood actress Alicia Milano launched the social network # mu-to-the-stage, citing sexual harassment against producer Harvey Vinsteen. After that, Hollywood actresses began to open their mouths. Breaking silence, sexual harassment is transmitted through social media.

It was later hit in India. Actress and former Miss India Tanushree Dutt has accused a one-time actor against various party producers. Three women who were involved in acting and journalism have reported sexual harassment against producer Hausaful Sayyid Khan.

When questioned on the issue of matter, Manesar Koirala comes to the question on this issue.

Expressing his stance, he said: "I am always opposed to repression, I can not accept wrongdoing in any way, but I do not even support a trial for social media." If there is evidence against the investigation, strict action must be taken against the Accused. proven, then no discount should be given. "

Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala

At that time she told women: "If you are a victim of persecution, do not hear me." Exit from you Speak with me. "When you can talk about your rights, why not say the injustice that was done to you? These persecutions can stop your grave accusation. "

In this context, the actress actress Nandita Das said: "I will not tolerate any sexual harassment. Tell women, believe in yourself, do not lose faith." "Thugs managed to overcome tolerance." "No more, protest now."

Nandita said she would be embarrassed in many ways after the release of the movie "Fire".

He said: "Now at the Indian court, gay sex got legality. But at that time, actresses will play a brave character, will they accept the gay woman's status, the culture of geopolitics? Although society is talking about the independence of women, they are not at the time accepted our film.

"When they saw my acquaintances, I would say, why do you say you acted in this nasty movie! Well, you played gay characters, are you gay in reality? When I'm on a plane, I'm going to another country, it's still a question. I did not leave a question. "

Under the leadership of Deepa Mehta, Nandita played the gay woman in the film. The monopoly of the censorship committee was forced to stop the screening of this film due to a sharp criticism of the hardline and the theater attack. However, it could not be held firmly.

Manish Koirala, who spoke about female actors from a paternalistic perspective in Bollivood, said.

"It is still considered 40 years old, so give it the role of mother and grandmother.Although the actress can play any role at any age, many still do not accept.Yes, many actresses have passed the age limit and act very brave , praising praise. But the view of these actresses is still limited. "

The film will be female's main or central character. It is still a "funny thing" in the eyes of many Bolivian directors, Manisa said.

Although women's walks in Bollivood are spreading, she thinks women's rights will go much further.

Nandita Das

Nandita Das

Nandita Das, director of the movie "Farak", another Bollywood movie, "After the release of this film, everyone thought it was repeating!" A film about a female actress was published! Not as director, I forgot the identity of women, my director Sattar.

However, Nandita said she could not prevent her going, "I did not get any weight. It's not so shy about this. I took an equal field for myself."

Nandita Das expressed regret over the advertising of cosmetic products in order to strengthen the color of women.

He said: "How girls watch a little black throw! Think about it The beauty of the product grows What kinds of faiasvas have come to market to make the skin gray! In my opinion, these products have ruined women's morale When I campaigned with women, video I myself have cosmetic products reduced their thinking. Some went to commit suicide. "

In this context, Manisa said: "After about forty years, the problem of women started, and if there is a problem in Bollivood, then many went into surgery." These ideas should change. "

Nandita criticized the presentation of women's subjects in Bollivood's poems.

"The main purpose of some directors is to highlight the extremes of women on the screen, they think the biolon affair will be aesthetically improved, this is very unpleasant."

Manisha Koirala also talked about social issues, as well as about different types of personal life. A book titled "Hild" has published many stories about her life, the Bolivian journey and her values. He will also speak in front of the audience on the third day of Literature Literature in Dhaka with a book.

Manisha said: "I mentioned in my book many things, experiences, successes and failures of my life, but the failure of my bridal life will also come out." This book is about how much I missed as a wife. "Here is how I came to conquer cancer."

Manisha Koirala was born in 1970 in the Kailala family in Kathmandu. Communist leader and Nepalese Prime Minister BP Koirala Manish Thakurda, uncle Girija Prasad Koirala, became prime minister Manisha's father Prakash Koirala was responsible for the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Although he was born in a communist family, Manishia was born in the childhood of the world of Rupal. At school, he called modeling. Later in India we had to celebrate.

Manisha acted for the first time in 1989 in "Ferri Vetola". Later, when he came to Bollivood, it takes a bit of time from Thitu to get him too fast. He went to the director Subhash Ghaiier; Manishin Bollivood debut comes through her Saudagar film.

Manisa did not have to look back. At that time, "Jehalgar", "Ninetin's fourth in love story", "Crime", "Akele Hum Akele", & # 39; ; Mune, Chupa Rostam, Tum & # 39; Agasakshi & # 39; Gupta & # 39; Dil She & # 39; 39; , "Shame", "Company", in a commercially glamorous avatar.

Coming out of commercials, Manisha also worked on several other films. He also painted independent filmmakers who play in Hindi and Malayalam films. The Filmfare Prize was awarded four times.

In 2010, Manish married the imperial Dahal, a Nepalese businessman, with whom the identity of the Facebook channel is. The bride did not last long. Separation took place in two years.

Then there was a break in Manish's career. After diagnosis of ovarian cancer, Manisha returned back. In the United States, for treatment, five years ago in the fight against cancer, in Bollivood.

He recently starred in Sanja Dutt's biography "Sanja" as mother Nargis Dutt.

Manisha said that at the beginning of her career she had to burn many characters in order to get a good character.

"I did not like to play a traditional role in commercial films, and I wanted to be a bit of an exception, it would be nice to do something different from what everyone is doing." "Yes, I worked a lot in commercial films, but I remained in an artistic film.

"Then I wanted to find a story and find a subject, I was waiting for a good character, and I'm happy that the director came with such stories and characters for me." She complained to me, but I had to wait, we have to prove. "

Manisha said that in her acting life she was always desperate for life risk and still remains.

"These characters are very challenging for me, and then I had to challenge it, and then it's time for me to grow." When I did such a character, my happiness grew and grew. I am still looking for that lifestyle. "

Manisha and Nandita answered questions about the pace of Bollywood cinema and their personal life in the discussion.

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