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Stefano and Pichichi Trophy Messi Shovcase

Sports Reporter This is not a long time ago. Lionel Messi won trophies like Mudi Barki. But in the last two years, this has been quite a fall. Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo has lost almost all crowns. Not only that, this year FIFA was the best and Ballon d 'Or was not available in the first three!

Finally, the captain of Argentina is discovering himself again. The five-year FIFA Best Star, the Spanish La Liga, won the best player and highest scorer in the 2017-18 season. The two awards he received were already known. On Monday night, Messi won the award for the best player of "Stefano Trophi" and the highest scorer "Pichichi Trophi" Messi. Spain's dominant sports director Mark Huan Ignacio Gallardo gave the trophy to Messi at a magnificent ceremony in Barcelona. Under the auspices of Spanish in sport, this award is awarded every year. Messi won the Marker Award for the fifth time in his career.

After winning the prize, Messi described La Liga as a more oppressive opponent than ever before. Captain Barcelona hopes to keep him. Messi returned to Barcelona after a game against Real Betis on Sunday after three weeks had left the field in his injuries. The home team scored two goals this season and scored goal goals in the current season, the five-year-old player of the year, the player. After this rate, Barcelona's position between Seville, standing at the table, was one of the few. The Catalans are at the top with seven victories in 12 games and 24 points in three games. At the same time, with the same number of Sevier points, 23 points, three and four, Atletico Madrid and Alves. The fifth collection of the Alavaza collection is 21 points. Real Madrid is behind one point. 31-year-old Messi said the League is enjoying this effort.

He said it was good that the league was like that. It's more challenging than ever. Everyone can defeat anyone. That's great for spectators. I hope it will fight for a long time. Messi became the top scorer in the season, while Messi scored 34 goals in the league. This season is great. Messi said about his physical condition, I feel good on the field. At the beginning 100% fitness is a little confused. But now I feel good.

Messi scored twice in his career in Barcelona, ​​this never happened. This is an unexpected record against Real Betis. Although Messi can not beat Barca, his personal achievement will not be empty but at all. This season, 14 games were played in 13 matches. He helped the teammates to score 6 times. In the 14th round, the team team Luis Suarez is at the top of the season's top scorers. Messi won the award for capturing 566 goals in 650 career games in Barcelona.

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