Tuesday , September 27 2022

Musharraf-Moudud wants a change in the leadership of BNP


Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain and Moudud Ahmed NPO wanted to change the leadership of the leader of the Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain and Moudud Ahmed party. Ziaur Rahman on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the Association of Lawyers of the Supreme Court, in a discussion about the reorganization and change them.

The leaders of the two leaders proposed rebuilding the defeat of the eleventh parliamentary elections and rebuilding the leadership of the party in the current situation and situation. The member of the permanent committee, Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, said that the team will need to rebuild if they want to turn around. The leaders and workers will be released from prison and will be released from prison and will have to be rehabilitated. The team will be reconstituted through the Council. In the elections, the leaders and the workers who are put to the test will be presented.

Khandker Mosharraf said he was defeated by the conspiracy in the 2008 elections. He said that after the elections in 2008, we had returned to the party council and our leaders and workers in the country turned around with courage. The evidence is that on day 30, the government can not dare to vote.

The party's Standing Committee member, Moudud Ahmed, said: "Now our two jobs are very important. One is rehabilitation, and restructuring is another. Thousands of people affected, millions of leaders and workers will be rehabilitated. Those who have been dedicated to the group will have to reconstruct them by placing them in front. If necessary, we will move away from the front. However, the team must be reconstructed in the coming months.

The meeting was chaired by the general secretary of BNP, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. He said that the leaders and workers of the party who were injured, paralyzed, imprisoned and persecuted were next to them, he said, to bring our leader out of jail. Khaleda Zia will be released uniting all the people of the country through a strong movement.

Referring to the moral defeat of the Awami League in the December 30 election, Mirza Fakhrul said that the Awami League has gone far from the minds of the people forever. We have not been defeated, the Awami League has been Awami League is the party that only wants to stay in power. They are using constitution and state machinery for their own sake.

To the meeting, the member of the Permanent Committee Abdul Moin Khan, Vice President Selima Rahman, Abdul Mannan, Shajahan Omar, AZM Zahid Hossain, Ahmed Azam and others.

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