Thursday , October 28 2021

New leisure


This time, the voice of the singer Sania Sultana Liza gave a new song to the musician melodic, music director, Nokib Khan. The song is called 'Oh Purnima Moon, I see you in heaven'. Already completing the recording of the song, Liza said. As for the new song, he said, there is nothing to say about the true new meaning of Nokee Sir. Everyone knows about the work of the Lord. My luck is that Mr. has given a job. Thank you. I liked the lyrics, the melodies that I liked. Obtains the style of the song from the sixties / seventies to the audience. I am very hopeful about this song. In the first week of February, I will dedicate myself to work in the music video. I want to publish the song on the day of love.

But if it's not said in all the lots, then in the next special moment I will publish the song "Sania Liza" on my own YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Liza Rabiul has given a new voice to the life of the new life songs of Akhil Sen and Sajid Sarkar. The music video of this song will be released after the day of love.

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