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News of the news, Heroine Bubli is now a doctor!


Shabnam Bubali returns to the news of the movie. The Shakib Khan superstar is combined with a couple of hits in one by one. Bubblicone is presented in various ways in the form of a character. Then, in the movie Malek Afsari & # 39; Passwords & # 39 ;, Bubbl can be seen as a doctor. Before that, he had a good reputation acting as a doctor at & # 39; Boshiri & # 39 ;.

Recently some images of "shoot" photo stains are published on Facebook. It is seen that Bubli acts as a MBBS doctor of the specialized Hospital in Bangladesh, located in Shyamoli, in the capital. He participated in shooting at the hospital and in front of the week. This will look like the hero, next to the Dabholid superstar, Shakib Khan, as a hero.

Meanwhile, director Malik Afsari wrote a status on his Facebook page: "Working at the natural location is very difficult. People have a lot of pressure. It is also expensive to try all the work. An image is not compromised with a point This is my unit.

Iqbal Hossain is producing "passwords" together with Shakib Khan on the flag of the SK movie. The movie Shakib Khan-Bubli is doing more than work, Emon, Misha Saudagar, Don.

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