Tuesday , March 2 2021

"Now there is a lot of cheap music"

Barisal musician Top Nandi Sing for more than 50 years. The artist has sung three thousand songs this long way. Not only that, of the audio in the cinema, it was successful. The Nandy Up songs will return to the public after winning the song. Meanwhile, along with modern songs, the artist sang Nazrul music, classical music, Bhajan, Kirtan and Paliagiti. Up Nandi is still busy working on the song. Although it is less in the name. It is often seen on the album, shows and live TV. There are currently artists in America. The expats of New York gave him a reception there. Expats from all walks of life were present on January 24 at dusk at the Queens Palace auditorium, Woodside. Up Nandi also sang some songs after the ceremony. The artist has recently spoken with Manabsin. How are you all Up Nandi said, well. Time also goes through busy weather. What's basically busy now? In response, he said: "Now live the shows and the television live". But it's only if you're unhappy. Also, I'm working on an album. Explain & # 39; m on this album. Up Nandi said: I am making a complete album in my tune. Here are a number of artists who sing here. Among them are Rafiqul Alam, Tapan Chowdhury, Rumana Khan, Rashed, Jhelik and others. I also sang. The album will be released on Music Today very soon. All those who sang here tried to give their best. I think the public will get something like this. What is singing in the movie? Up Nandi said, not a sun. Because there are proposals to sing to the movie. I do not accept giving a voice if he does not like it. You must return as many jobs. Still, the new song will not do that. If you like everything, I will definitely sing. Now it enters a different context. Music has gone this way. What is the main mystery? Up Nandi said: there is nothing in the mystery. Everyone adores I do not think they all do their love. That is why I am still trying to give some good songs to the public. I've always loved singing. The listeners accepted these songs. This is my greatest achievement. Are you listening to the songs of the current time? How do you feel Up Nandi said, he feels. But not much. Still others are trying to sing better. Many have talent But now everyone is trying to sing. You do not have to do the work work does not do it. To sing, love the song will be love. Be in the heart Do not sing for a star at night. But at this time, most children see this trend. As a result, cheap music music is increasing now. And the number of software-based artists grows day by day. But you think that a good and true talent will come from that. The cause is, finally, to win, but it is good. Is there any advice for youth? Up Nandi said: "I still teach myself. Therefore, there is no end to learning. After the death. I want the young generation to always know. Do not sing for love, not for money. Good job of adjustment. Good quality. There will be songs that will be remembered after ages.

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