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Nutrition Zinc meets rice

Scientists have developed 8 types of rice rich in zinc in the country

44 percent of children under five suffer from lack of waste. Again, 57 percent of older women lacked resistance. 44 percent of girls in 15 to 19 years are shorter due to lack of zinc. In order to solve the problem, scientists have invented eight types of rice rich rice to eliminate the lack of zinc through rice. They say that despite the amount of garbage there is no difference in the taste and color of this rice.

Scientists have said that zinc-rich rice varieties invented by high-yield rice with high yields in Bangladesh. Common varieties are not GM rice. From these seeds, farmers can plant their seeds by planting them.

Chief Scientific Officer of the Institute for Atomic Research in Bangladesh. Mirza Mofazzal Islam has said that the Institute for Atomic Research in Bangladesh has invented Borne 20. It is rich in garbage. Its rice color is reddish and brown. There are 26.5 milligrams of zinc in each kg of rice. This variety is similar to high yield cultivation.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University has invented the hybrid variety of junk rice. BU Hybrid Rice-1, in this group, contains essential iron and garbage for the human body. It's fragrant quality. There are 22 milligrams of zinc in each kg of rice.

Countri Manager HarvestPlus Bangladesh, a non-governmental organization. Md. Khairul Bashar said that 16 types of biofertilizers have been produced so far in a joint venture with various research institutes. Among them, 8 types of rich zinc rice, 3 zinc types and rich iron, 3 types of zinc-rich wheat varieties.

According to the data, the research institute for the research of rice in Bangladesh has developed two varieties of zinc-based BRRI 62 and BRRI dhan 72 (short lifespan). There are about 20 milligrams of zinc in kg of rice for kg rice 62. Hectare yield is 4 to 4 tons. This rice can be cultivated at other seasons of the year. Jigg has 22.8 mmg rice for kg BRRI rice 72. The yield of the hectare is 5.7 to 7 decimals. In this breeding, rice requires a smaller amount of urea than conventional varieties. The director of the institute (research) Agarist Tamal Lata Aditia said that scientists working on the development of new zinc varieties are working. In the meantime, BRRI rice 64 was invented for the Boro season, which has 25.5 milligrams of zinc per kg. Hektarpropi yield of 7 tons. Agriculture is like a high-yielding boro rice. Bringing 74 kg of grain into KG rice, 24.2 milligrams. Hectare yield is more than 8 tons. This species is resistant to middle-quality blast diseases. BRRI Dhan 84 was recently invented as an alternative to BRRI Rice, and is also rich in zinc.

Yesterday, a workshop on Biofertilization of Nutrition in the capital said that Bangladesh invented the first variant of rice-rich zinc in the world. Former Agriculture Secretary Anwar Farukue said there was no alternative to restoring biofertilization in the security of the country. So, to encourage this, such investments will increase in research, and farmers will have to pay 4% interest on the farm.

Scientists say that the way the government made compulsory sodium mixed with salt, in the same way if it encourages farmers to cultivate rice rich in zinc, then there will be good results. In addition, if the rice rice is rice rich in zinc, during the procurement process of rice and rice in the government, interest will be increased among farmers.

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