Monday , April 12 2021

Obstruct Tabitha to go to Rajshahi concentration ?? Dainik Amader Shomoy

The assembly of BNP’s Rajshahi division is held. However, buses running on all routes from Rajshahi have been suspended since Monday morning for “fear of attacks and sabotage” around the BNP rally. BNP leader Tabitha Awal left Dhaka on Tuesday to join the rally. But when he reached Puthia, they stopped him in the middle.

Raju, Tabitha Awal’s private secretary, confirmed the information. She said that when Tabith Awal’s convoy arrived in Puthia Udpazla around 2.30pm, police stopped her. After arguing for about half an hour, they let him go.

Raju further said that although they allowed Tabitha to leave, the police did not release the ten people who had her. Basically, Tabitha was given the condition not to let these 10 people go. But when she told her not to leave, the police let her go at some point.

Meanwhile, due to the BNP’s divisive concentration, ticket sales at bus counters have stopped since this morning. No car leaves Rajshahi, no one enters Rajshahi from outside. In this situation, passengers suffer like the day before. The counters are half open and the staff is seated inside the bus.

Asked about this, Shafiqul Islam, foreman of Hanif Enterprise, said they were not allowed to sell any tickets. They will not sell tickets unless the owners association gives permission.

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