Thursday , July 7 2022

On behalf of the Samsung Galaxy S10 phone for only $ 1: -788865 | Kaler Kantho


Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone only have one dollar? These Internet users in Bangladesh have already seen these news. Because the news on Facebook's page calls for a one-dollar phone with lucrative offers are circulating. In fact, it was confirmed that it was a huge fraud.

Due to the fact that high-level media in Bangladesh have made a false report to prove Samsung's "Samsung Galaxy S" fraud in one dollar to the standard. It seems that the media have released Samsung's lucrative offers. But this is not the case, fraudsters get Internet users making false news to duplicate the exact website.

If you see the URL of the media, you can not see the media, instead, the link-https: // launch-before-huawei-mate-x /? fbclid = IwAR3Cd-uXSo3xSqk0wnu8t1rY8F-NBLkd_YtB8ZwsG1v3oJ3QFXgitLRsiuc However, this website does not have authentication.

Those who are interested, then go to the website after clicking on the hypertext link. He says he gives a dollar. But the number of credit cards is defeated. Although it is said that it is a dollar, but the entire credit card is empty, the trap is open. Many people can sit on the road. There can be a wheel of Bangladesh with this cycle of fraud. Because there is a campaign on YouTube in the same way.

Despite the mention of Grameenphone, you have tried to confess the news. But the name and name associated with Grameenphone have been used, the organization knows that nobody has the name and place.

The Grameenphone brand and digital marketing, Sabbir Ahmed, told Kaler Kantho: "We did not know. After learning, I was very surprised. We are not affiliated with any such campaign. There is no one who names us Barsha. It seems to be a big fraud. We ask all Grameenphone customers to keep an eye on them.

Under the news, there were many Facebook identifiers from Bangladesh. These comments are also incompatible and Google transcribed. The website continues to leave the DNI

Watch the video to understand the traps more clearly

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