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"One year more grew", the birthplace of birth special


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Priyanka Chopra celebrates its 37th anniversary on July 18th at Mulund. On the other hand, on the same day the anniversary was celebrated with his family in Lucknow and another Bollywood diva. She is the actress Land Padenekar.

It is said that the news of Geekyog magazine in India is based on the shooting of Landon in Lucknow for the upcoming movie "Pati spouse Aur B". To make the girl's 30th anniversary memorable, her mother and her sister landed at Lucknow with a special cake for the girl. So the birthday was very good in the morning. On Thursday, the actress celebrated a birth cake with family and colleagues on the cake cut in the morning. It also shares the image with social networks. In his title he wrote, "One year has risen. What could be better than celebrating an anniversary between people of work and love." In addition to this post, Bholleni Land also thanked the Mother Sumita Pedenkar and her sister Pedenkar's investigation.

On the day of the anniversary, the land will be busy firing. The actress organizes a special dinner at night. Before an interview, Land said that he always likes to spend the anniversary with his family and friends. Every year a special party was organized on its anniversary.

In the movie, "Pratyoti Patni Aur B & # 39;", the land can be seen in front of Kartik Arian. This image was a new version of Pati Fallini Aur & # 39; in 1978. This name will be published on December 6. In addition, you can see & # 39; Sand Ki Odha & # 39; to the movie with Toshni Pannur. This image of Chandra Tera biopic, known as "Grandmother of the Duchess." It will be published in Deepawali.

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