Sunday , August 14 2022

Palestinian actress rejects Israeli award


Palestinian actress Juna Suleiman rejects Israeli film award She made the decision in protest of the brutal persecution of Palestinians and ethnic cleansing.

The Palestinian actress has turned down the ‘Afir’ award known as the Israeli Oscar. News Arab News.

Juna Suleiman said that the way the Israeli forces conduct a clean-up operation against our brothers and sisters, go to the Zionist country and accept the reward is tantamount to betraying the Palestinians.


The film, titled “Let It Be Morning,” directed by Israeli director Eran Colin, is sent to the Oscars.

The film stars Palestinian actress Juna Sulaiman in a pivotal role. His performance was widely acclaimed.

At the awards ceremony, director Eran Colirin read a letter from a Palestinian actress.

In it, writes Palestinian actress Juna Sulaiman, the image of my country is slowly withdrawing from the map. In this case, I cannot attend the event.

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