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Raj Kundra had planned to launch Shamita Shetty to venture into his new app

Daily digital desktop news: Raj Kundra faces one explosive charge after another since his arrest. On the one hand, there are allegations that Raj paid a bribe of 25 laks to the Bombay police to stop the arrest. On the other hand, during the investigation, the police found about 70 videos of porn videos from Raj’s house. One information after another, Raj Kundra has more problems. And this time, Raj or his sister-in-law actress Shamita Shetty also offered to act in the film. Raj filed these charges against actress Gahana Basishta! (Gehana Vasisth)

Actress Gahana Basishta was arrested last year for participating in a porn scandal. Then his name appeared in the headlines. And this time, after making one allegation after another on behalf of Raj Kundra, Gahana returned to the news. In a recent interview, Gahna filed a serious charge against Raj. According to Gahana, Raj or his wife Shilpa Shetty’s sister, Shamita, also offered to act in the film.

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In Gahana’s words, “I went to Raj’s office a few days before my arrest. On going there, I learned that Raj was creating a new app called Bolifem. Raj also offered Shamita Shetty to act to get a “I was responsible for directing that movie. Shamita also agreed to make the movie. We even talked to Shamita about pay. If Raj hadn’t been arrested, this app would have been released.” .

According to Gahana, Raj’s app is mainly for videos, music videos, series and movies. However, the actress did not want to say anything about whether there will be porn photos in this app.

Police have come across Raj Kundra’s WhatsApp chat and his former PA Umesh Kamat. It was mentioned in the chat that Raj’s Porn Photo Hotspot app should be removed from the Google Play Store. This chat even includes removing the extra bold video app and uploading soft porn. Not only that, with the help of this chat you can earn millions of rupees with pornography. Mumbai police take this chat as convincing proof. The server found at Raj’s home has reportedly already been sent to the forensic lab. It will be checked if the video was sent from this server to Kernin, a British company.

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