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Sad album of beauty with the song Radhe Raman


Staff Reporter | November 16, 018, Friday, 8:38

On November 10, the audience of beauty on the illuminated television received six televisions of Radha Raman Dutta, a poetry poem. Nice singing of all songs impresses the audience. After singing songs, from audience audience to the beauty of yesterday's response, she is forced to decide to make an album with the song Radhe Raman. It's already planned to compose songs with which it is. This month is quite busy with live shows and stage shows on various channels. Next month, they will sing the song of Radha Raman
Get started on the album. Beauty said, I will publish an album with some of the poems of this poet, inspired by the answers of all, since on Saturday I sang six songs by Radha Raman Dutta by poet Radha Raman Dutta at "Dipat Pratati". Now I am busy with this work. I will make this album to satisfy my mind. And listeners who listen to listeners like the audience will be able to choose some songs so they are happy to listen to songs. In the meantime, after the album with the song of Radha Raman, beauty is planned, will make a different album with the songs of Baul Shah Abdul Karim and Ukil Munshi.

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