Sunday , October 2 2022

Seasonal car victims


The Awami League nomination papers were purchased for the future female seats reserved for the eleventh Jatiya Sangsad. Since then, there have been many rumors around Facebook. Some say the filmmaker was the seasonal leader of the nationalist cultural organization (Jasas). In addition, a photo of that era was also viral on Facebook. However, these rumors were announced Thursday at a press conference in FDC, said Moushumi, who never did a match. However, firmly supports the Awami League.

Critics do not stop after the clear statement of seasonal criticism. Walking on Facebook with a popular filmmaker. It's more like a troll on it.

Troll with Mousumi associates with the popular "Mousumi & # 39; from the "Feedback" band & # 39; This song was released in the 1990s by artist Maksudul Huq. From the lines of the song "Love the seasonal car", the words you have eaten in this troll. That they're turning into viruses all over the place. The songs, Tarique Rahman and Moushumi Pictures, while listening to the Awami League nomination, while seasonal images are added.

Singer Maksudul Haque also noticed the subject of the car. In his protest, on Saturday, on his Facebook page, he wrote: "I have a car of an interpretative artist with a song title. If the meaning of the joke is a lack of respect for women, it takes the identity of very low prejudices. If a woman has nothing to do with anything, I can not smile at least. "

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