Sunday , February 28 2021

Son of Messi to listen to critics

Messi is the greatest critic of the house? Image of the file

The Argentine and Barcelona soccer player Messi achieved many personal and team goals in life. But there are also failures. It was always difficult to accept Messi's failure and it's not always like talking about them. But he is a critic, with whom he listens to all the critics and critics of this football superstar.

Messi's criticism was not a few years ago. But there is no possibility to say that it has been very good nowadays. The last Champions League has won the year 2015. Last won at Ballon d'Or? This was also three years ago. However, there is no doubt about the success of the success of Messi and Messi. The fact of not suffering yourself, but talking to someone about this is not a great option. But he has a critic who does not have the opportunity to speak.

Messi's great son Thiago Messi is the outstanding critic. And Lionel Messi said that nowadays his father and son discuss regularly about his game: "My eldest child understands soccer very well and speaks about everything about football. I have already heard some criticisms about him. Barcelona, ​​La Liga, Champions League – everything you see. When it's all right, he asks me, he gives his opinion and he likes it a lot. "

Messi's career has all the successes, not to finish it. Arr Ballon has won five times La Liga is the top scorer, goals scored in the Champions League and how many more successes. But beyond all these things, the containment of Messi is not satisfied with the criticisms of Thiago. Messi bothered to talk about his criticism before, but now this is the opportunity. Talk to the boy with the boy.

"It's not the same as before. It's a very difficult task to face the loss and poor play experience. But Thiago has forced and wanted to know what had not happened and why we could not win. Now we are talking about more than ever.

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