Thursday , March 4 2021

South of India is one of the largest auditoriums in Bangladesh.

Showbiz board: Many stars in Dhaka, including Jaya Ahsan, Shakib Khan, Sohana Saba, Nirab, Aman Reza, Jyothika Jyoti, have had the experience of acting in Indian films. Success has also been. However, all of them, starring in the main film of the Telugu movie, surprised the model-hero Meghla Mokatar of Dhaka. At the beginning of this year, the movie "Saakalakala Vellabur & # 39; It was shot in Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Telangana and Kerala in India. And in the new year, the good news came to the cloud. The movie will be released on February 1st. Premiere in the southern part of India, yesterday, reporters confirmed yesterday. Pearl Meghla said: "After a long wait this morning, it was confirmed. February 1st is my debut in India. Now I'm in Hyderabad on the occasion of the # 39; premiere of the film. Everyone wants the blessings. Hopefully nothing will wait. " This movie is produced by India's film Telugu, Sheba Ganesh. Meghla is known to play the important female role of the film. The name of his character is Chaitra. On the contrary, Tanishq Reddy is the star of this movie. In the role of the father of Meghalaya, the popular actor Taman and the telescope film Suman Talwar Who was a villain in Rajivikanth, "Shivaji" and "Gabba Is Back" of Akshay Kumar. The commercial language of the Telugu language that acted in this movie was not easy. Meghla said: "Acting in the Telugu movie in India was really a difficult task. I did not expect to have this opportunity any day. This is a different experience." Meghla said that in December 2007, the first job offer came through an Indian friend. Later, they went to Hyderabad and auditioned at dawn. After that day, you know you've survived the listening. At the time of firing, there was a problem that the language did not tell him, he said. He said: "At first, it is very difficult to take the language. Meanwhile, in Hyderabad, we also do a short course about the Telugu language. However, I was always an interpreter as I rolled. He said that "it used to shoot the movie making the film understandable." Meghla said that "Saakalakala vahlaburu" will be released in the commercial genre of Symbha Films, while the five southern states of Telangana, Tamil Nadu , Kerala, Karnatak and Andhra Pradesh will be launched.

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