Tuesday , July 5 2022

Start with a degree of shame


Sport Desk: Bowling, great in the field But the opposite picture in bating Helpless surrender in deliberate blows. Their lowest ranking in the World Twenty20 Women of Bangladesh missed a golden opportunity to win the West Indies, the current champion T-20.

Vest Indies women's cricket team made 106 races for losing 8 cards in their matches. Victory hosts who could not think enough to win! The Caribbean won the match with 60 wins and won 60 points Bangladesh lost all bets in only 46 races

This is the lowest score in Bangladesh at the Women's World Championship. The beginning of shame was good. But big Dendre Dutin defeated big defeat in Bangladesh In the ninth, he made two rounds in the first round. Two more in the next. For the first time, Dutin won five tickets in T-Tventi, while Bangladesh's captain Salma took his career in the last minute but did not get any career in the third.

Right-hander Pacer, with 5 cards in his hand, recorded 5 cards. The best bowling figures for West Indies and the best figures in bowling at the World Twenty20 Championship. Bad players could not get to the house in two days a day, not a pitcher in Bangladesh. Six bands went out

Previously, West Indies were suppressed for the paceman Jahan. 3 vickets in 23 overs for 23 runs Spinner for the leg Rumana has chosen two tickets. Salma Khatun and Khadizatul Kubra got 1 career. In a great bowling game in Bangladesh, the West Indian bacman was not able to peel easily. Highest score of 32 races for the team, Nightmare Kaisia ​​Knight. Captain Taylor scored 29 races.

Fielding in Bangladesh was also open to eyes with good bowling. Farzana has been praised many times by comments, Romana. But a bad batting player did not start at the world level.

The next three matches in Bangladesh against England, Sri Lanka and South Africa The matches will take place on November 13, 15 and November 19.

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