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Steve Rhodes is happy to return to Shakib


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9:12, 18 November, 018

Steve Rhodes is happy to return to Shakib

In a series against Zimbabwe, it was an observer. Shakib Al Hasan, who suffered from injuries, has been part of the West Indies since its inception. If everything is true, the team of Bangladesh will play in the first test against West Indies on November 22. Shakib returns to the heart of all cricket lovers. And Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodes is very pleased to say.

Team Bangladesh will play Chittagong Test on Sunday at Port. The Tigers are divided into two parts and go to Chittagong. Shakib Al Hasan and Mahmudullah are moving forward in the next step. After reaching Chittagong, Shakib and Mahmudullah went right to the ground from the airport. Shakib practiced yelling all the networks this day. And bowling.

Steve Rhodes, training coach, looks at the coach in detail. After the end of the training, the coach's joy was the joy of returning to Shakib Tiger coach said: "It's great to bring it back." I always said, Shakib Master Taxi. "Riyadh worked well in the captain's" Mirpur Test "capability, but someone like Shakib and tactical thinking is a major part of our success. "

Rhodes added: "We welcome him to the team by raising his hand, his finger is now pretty good." "It's been 45 minutes spent and a net session today." He looks very good at everything. "


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