Sunday , October 2 2022

Sylhet Sylhet went to Nasir, Sylhet Sixers


Time is cruel. Amir, that was in the morning, on the night of the fakir. Nasir Hossain gets rid of the power of this statement. All-Rounder was captain of Sylhet Sixers in the last edition of the BPL. This is not the place of the regular eleven.

There can be no place due to the combination of equipment, but what has happened to Nasir is a matter of concern. After Sylhet Sixers in Dhaka, his home in Sylhet. 4 matches will be played. But Nasir has not been taken with the team.

Tuesday afternoon, Sylhet Sixers match against Chittagong Vikings. They prepare before the party. If the eleven have an opportunity, the following is this. Nasir can not do the work to prepare for the team.

In fact, the management of the Sylhet team is not satisfied with the performance of Nasir Hossain. He has two opportunities in this BPL match, only four executions in his favor. Tamizidul Islam, Syrosar's best media manager, from six teams, said that everything would have been left out of Sylhet.

Media coach Sylhet explained: "You know that Nasir has returned from getting injured a few days ago. It's very normal to take time to adjust. Now the moment you are entering It is difficult to include in team XI management. If you do not have XI, you must stay in the sidebar. A player of this quality, sitting in the sidebar, for example, Team disabilities, for the team. We need some time. It should take time. When we return to Dhaka, we will join the team. "

Sylhet Sixers, led by David Warner, is in bad shape at the BPL this year. Only two points with his name in the three lost games. Sylhet has six points on the list of seven teams.


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