Friday , February 26 2021

Tamim in five thousand

The opponent Tamim Iqbal was unbeaten in 54 races of Comilla Victoria in the BPL against Chittagong Vaikings. He has also achieved a milestone in all T20s. Tamim has scored 5,000 races in this format as the first beating in the country. Until this time, Tamim hit the milestone in 186 innings. In total, he has marked a century in his Twenty20 career and has scored 33 races. Shakib Al Hasan is the only bat after Tamim in Twenty20 cricket. He achieved 4667 runs in 264 tickets. He scored 1,1613 international T-20 races in five thousand races. In addition, in the BPL, 1 thousand 629. In addition, Parsvar Jalmi of Pakistan Super League scored 522 races in 17 games at an average of 40.15. On the other hand, Chris Gayle heads the list of Twenty20 batsmen with 12,192 races. After this Brendon McCullum His bat came from 9,865 races.

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