Sunday , May 22 2022

Tarikue Rahman is charged with violating the code of conduct


Muhammad Faruk Khan, a member of the Avami League presidency, spoke to reporters after a written complaint to the Election Commission on Sunday night. Photo: NTV

At the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Avami League filed a complaint against the Election Commission (EK) in the election of acting President Tarik Rahman, who called the violation of the electoral law.

On Sunday night, a delegation headed by Avami League member Muhammad Faruk Khan gave this written appeal to the election commission on Sunday night. Farukue said that the commission was convinced to take action after examining this issue.

In addition to Prime Minister Sheik Hasine, Dokuilm "Hasina: Dotter Tel & # 39; constitutes a violation of the electoral code of conduct; Answering such a question, Faruk Khan said that people who watch movies with money through cash cards are not a violation of the code of conduct.

In the evening, a delegation led by Faruk Khan sent a written complaint to the secretary of the election commission, Helaluddin Ahmed. Faruk Khan told reporters after he left the EC office that the Avami League, as well as the people of the country, violated election law over the past two days. Today, too, we saw, you saw, one of the accused indicted in that country, BNP Executive Director Tarik Rahman talked with the nominations of a candidate of the party through Skipe or a teleconference. This is a clear violation of the Supreme Court's judgment, contempt of court.

Former Trade Minister Faruk Khan also said that a few days ago the Election Commission said Tarik Rahman could not be the acting chairman of the BNP by changing the Constitution. This will call into question the electoral system. In relation to this, a written complaint was submitted, we hope that the Election Commission will take appropriate measures in this respect.

Faruk Khan also said: "We also noticed this yesterday, the unique front, the BNP, Jamaat and others who participated in the election campaign during the day in courtrooms like the Supreme Court.It was such that the pre-election law was a clear violation of the law, we think that there is an attempt to examine the elections in such violations. We wrote in writing to the Election Commission in writing that appropriate measures should be taken.

When asked what the EC said – Farook Khan said that they told us that they would take appropriate measures by examining the issue.

Responding to a journalist's question, Mohammed Hasan Chovdhuri Naoufel, the organizer of the Avami League, told Reuters Tarek Rahman specifically meets candidates for nomination through teleconference. He is currently a fugitive and convicted person. Refugees and convicted persons can not participate in the political process and electoral process. Since the High Court has precise instructions, no live streaming, broadcasting, conferences, etc. can be displayed. Using information technology, he did not comply with the court order. By violating a court order, he violated the electoral code of conduct by violating the existing law in the country. The act that the BNP is doing is not only illegal, but immoral.

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