Monday , April 12 2021

“Thank you for being by my side right now” – Nasir’s status on Facebook goes viral

Nasir Hossain is the most talked about and criticized name of the country’s cricket. Critics call him a “bad boy” for his relationships and scandals with several young women. Many also associated the character of Pakistani cricket legend Imran Khan with the title ‘Playboy’. The versatile, who has been out of the national team for a long time, wanted to settle down by getting married. Where else could you do it?

This time, on Valentine’s Day, Nasir dreamed of marrying the cabin crew Tamima Tammi and creating a happy family. There was no shortage of arrangements to marry the chosen people. Gayehlud organized weddings and receptions in a splendid way. Contains funny videos of the wedding ceremony. When Nasir and his fans talk about it, then a tornado blows into the life of this cricket.

Suddenly, a man named Rakib Hasan sat claiming Nasir’s wife as his wife. Rakib sat on GD, claiming that Tamima was hanging around Nasir’s neck without divorcing him. With that, the trolls started on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The legality of Nasir-Tamima’s marriage was questioned.

Nasir’s ex-girlfriend, Subah, sparked controversy. He went live on Facebook twice and harassed Nasir and Tamima. Ask questions about the character of the two. Subah’s allegation: Nasir has ruined the lives of 60-70 girls by acting in love with them. These girls like their breath. The storm of discussion and criticism is going through social media.

Many are next to Nasir. Some people take the opportunity to open fake pages and accounts, leaving Nasir supporters in doubt. Many false identifiers have already been opened in the names of Nasir and Tamima.

However, said Nasir Hossain, he has no other means of communication on social media except verified pages.
On this verified page, Nasir warned fans and wishers about it with a state on February 28th. Nasir writes, “I reiterate that I have no other Facebook account or profile or page other than this Facebook page. My wife Tamima Sultana has no Facebook account or profile or page. Apart from this Facebook page, all other Facebook accounts or profiles or pages created in my name or on my wife’s behalf by forgery are fake, the real purpose of which is to humiliate us and humiliate us by cheating.

Appealing to people not to believe the information provided by fake accounts, Nasir said, “The misleading information that is revealed to you from Facebook accounts or profiles or pages arranged in our name is false, false and unfounded.” I urge all my friends, fans, and welcome: please do not believe or share the misleading information provided by these fake Facebook accounts or profiles or pages. “

Nasir said he and his wife were not responsible for the information published through false media. “If me or my wife wants to share information or news with you, we will do so through this Facebook page or by doing an interview in the media,” she said.

Nasir thanked the fans and wishers who had accompanied him in difficult times. The message mentions: “I am sincerely grateful to all my fans, friends, wishers for being by our side right now and for helping us. I hope you are all by our side and continue with your love and support. Thank you all very much.

This Nasir post has already gone viral. 75,000 Facebook users liked it. 22,000 people have commented. 298 people shared the state.

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