Sunday , May 22 2022

The comment can be made on Google Search Last Page || Janakantha


    Google Search Review

Users can also comment on search results, other users will be able to read and comment. Google Google gigant Google plans to introduce this new feature Although this feature is not yet functional, the company gave a description of how it will work in the search engine's journal. Through this, some of the common specific features available in social media will come up with Google searches. Users can not only read comments they give to other users, they can also "like" or "do not like" those comments. Users can also comment directly on any game. It is said in a description of the statement that "non-compliant comments will not be displayed." It also says: "Your comments are public, so you can see what you wrote, your name will be displayed with the name you have on your page. You can not comment without revealing identity." This means that no user can comment your Google Account is unregistered.When the comment is added, users will be able to delete later.-INS

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