Thursday , January 28 2021

The magic of 10 years of relationship, Ankush-Andrila will show the magic of a different taste to fans of the celebration

The relationship has peaked in ten years, in 2011 Andrila came to Anukush’s life. From then on the path began. Ankush and Andrila show up with gifts for fans in celebration of a simple relationship surrounded by pride and love. The real life couple will capture the magic of real life. The trailer for the first film Magic of Avkush and Andrila has just been released.

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After the release of the trailer, it caught the attention of viewers. At this time, the storm in the clean world, Ankush captured any aspect. From the superficial grammar of the dialogue captured in the trailer to the storytelling style, it’s perfect for creating tension. After watching the trailer for the film, the question arose: when the Bengali film Magic will be released, this time Ankush gave a clear answer. Ellen on live social media.

It was there that Ankush announced that the magic film would be released on February 12th. There is a magic behind setting the release date of this film. This day will mark the 10th anniversary of the relationship between Ankush and Andrila. So this day has been decided. He also has Anukush’s birthday and Valentine’s Day on his head. This special gift is also presented on this occasion.

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