Monday , October 18 2021

"The misfortune of Imran, an opportunity for the improvement of Shabbir"


Tamim's partner, Soumya Sarkar, does not have the opportunity to play at the start. Liton Das does not have to beat either. However, both are on the tour of New Zealand. But Imrul Kayes has not been included in the ODI team and the test. Sabbir Rahman has returned to the squad for a day against New Zealand at the end. Tamim Iqbal talks about these two problems Imrul Kayes seems unlucky for him. And he wants to see the return of Sabbir Rahman in positive eyes.
Referring to Imrul Kayes as unlucky, Tamim said: "It's unfortunate. After having scored 350 executions in a series (349 in a three-game ODI series against Zimbabwe), they made two appearances worse. You need to accept that it is not! It's in cricket, sometimes because of the combination of equipment and equipment, everything may not be in the mind. However, it may have been Imrul at the head of selectors, coach or captain. Maybe he would not take it as if he had something in mind. I hope he'll take it all the time and, hopefully, he'll take it. " Sabbir Rahman's participation in the team of a day against New Zealand is well-discussed. Many did not accept the inclusion of the sanctions team. The BCB could not explain the restrictions of international cricket for a month. On the team's announcement, Minhazul Abedin Nannu's head of selection has put the issue directly to the captain of a day, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza. Although Mashrafe explained the subject differently. "Not the claim, I have given my opinion to the selectors. The coaches can not hear it, or you can do it. That is your case," said Tiger's leader. What happened to the entry of Sabbir The opening of Bangladesh, Tamim Iqbal, wants to see now His hope is that Sabbir does nothing in the future, which has generated such a controversy: "Since I & The announcement of the team is now part of the 15 people. It will be the best wishes for him that he has made mistakes in the past, we will not repeat it. He could have understood this. I shared a lot with him I hope that he (Sabbir) is another man. Tamim said that if the format is different, but the format of the BPL can increase the confidence of everyone, if the BPL experience will take place in New Zealand, Tamim said the BPL experience will not work for Bangladesh. Before I said, this is a different version. If I speak of Tuskin, I have 17 wickets. I will certainly convince him. Mushfiqur is the second highest runner, he has I'm sure you're playing a version, it's not important to me, if you have a good christening table, surely you'll have to trust. "

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