Monday , September 26 2022

"The preparation for the New Zealand tour does not go well with BPL"


The New Zealand tour ahead of the World Cup is the most important tour ahead of Bangladesh. The Tigers will play three games in tests and games one day. The preparations for the World Cup can be understood only through the series of Bangladesh and New Zealand.

So what are the preparations for Bangladesh in the New Zealand series? Tigers coach Steve Rhodes said: "It's a very bad situation. The English coach of Bangladesh Cricket said he is not prepared to travel to New Zealand with the # 39; current BPL.

Steve Rhodes runs to Sylhet on Thursday to watch the match BPL He faced the media at the Sylhet International Stadium on Friday. There, cricketers from the team in Bangladesh have not even prepared to prepare the New Zealand tour with the BPL. Because Bangladeshi cricket players playing BPL and wickets conditions, they must play in totally opposite conditions and wickets in New Zealand.

Players from the national selection of Bangladesh with BPL in progress Each cricket fights for his franchisee with life and death. The BPL ends on February 8. But New Zealand will play in Bangladesh in the first match of warming in Lincoln on February 10. The series of a day begins as of February 13

February 2, end of the BPL group phase Three teams from the group stage will be retired. The four remaining teams will compete in the qualifying round. Of the three teams that will be withdrawn, national team players will be sent to New Zealand in advance. Those who play the BPL qualification and the final, will lose the 10-day preparatory match, it is safe. They must participate directly in the series of a day in New Zealand.

Coach Steve Rhodes believes that there was nothing to prepare before this turn, that the team needed to make adjustments to cope with the conditions of the harsh conditions. That is, it will not work in the New Zealand series. However, now there is no alternative.

Steve Rhodes, a New Zealand series and preparing for preparation, began to make a joke at first. He said: "Let's download this from New Zealand, how are we playing wicket?"

It's not good to go directly to New Zealand playing the BPL with the coach. He said: "In fact, going directly to New Zealand playing BPL is not an ideal preparation. But there is no other way we can. BPL is a great tournament. It had to be organized, At any time, the only opportunity to do it was now.

The series of three game trials will begin at the end of the three-day game series. There is Twenty20 tour. According to Rhodes, the challenge of the test may be better than day one cricketers. Because, the conditions will come in many conditions. He said: "We are connected to the national team, who can understand the subject. In the meantime, day cricketers will have to adapt. We know that it will be very quick to prepare For the series of a day. However, we must try our best and continue to win. Proofs that play, can be adjusted a bit. I hope they do not have any problems.

Winning ODIs in New Zealand is very difficult. Rhodes is also accepting it. "It will be difficult to win in New Zealand." But if we can get good results, we will be in the right place in ODIs. "


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