Sunday , March 29 2020
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The USB charger can come to the iPhone's charger


IPad Pro and MacBook have already been added to the USB-C port. There may be some exceptions for the iPhone. The new port of the iPhone's charger can be stored on the USB-C and at the other end of the line, the lightning connector will remain the same: the virgin news technology site.

The new iPhone case can be offered in a 18-watt, fast USB-C charger. You will also have a Lightening to USB-C cable.

The report also said that Apple is still not ready to eliminate the lightning port of the new iPhone. And the speed of the charger is also considered a good step.

For many years, Apple had a 5 watts charger with the iPhone. Later, iPhone 8 added a fast charge, but the charger was 5 watts.

Last year, Apple changed the design of the iPad and added the USB-C to Apple port. The company added chargers of 18 watts.

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