Monday , April 12 2021

The Xbox game streaming app will be coming to Windows soon

There is currently no opportunity to stream games from the Xbox console to a Windows PC. The conventional Xbox Console Companion application is not supported.

However, the upcoming app will allow Windows users to stream games from their Xbox Series S / X and Xcloud consoles. The tech site The Verge mentions that this is the first time an “exclusive streaming” has hit PC.

Microsoft offers streaming in 1080P resolution instead of 720p for Xcloud. In addition, the company plans to host “News for the Games” next month. In this case, they can announce the exclusive plan related to the web and iOS.

The company has also recently begun testing its Exclud cloud game streaming service. The company wants to create opportunities to play online through iOS, iPadOS and PC platform browsers.

Microsoft was unable to provide exclusive services through the App Store due to Apple’s ban. Therefore, they have decided to offer the service on iOS devices using the Safari browser.

The Android version is similar to the web version of Microsoft Explicit. It has an easy launcher, game recommendation and players will be able to play the title of the recently released game.

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