Thursday , October 6 2022

There can be no new faces in the cabinet: Minister of Finance … – 701547 Kaler Kantho


Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith said there were no new faces in the government cabinet during the election. He also gave an idea that the government could be known on Friday at the time of the election.

He said this after a meeting of the Public Procurement Committee in the Secretariat on Thursday.

He told reporters: "There can be no new faces in the election government."

Responding to a question, Muhit said, will be tomorrow's session of the government during the elections. Muhit said on Friday, if the cabinet is reconstruction, it seems to be doing it.

Muhit said that if the new cabinet was included in the cabinet, he would not have felt it. Muhit said, the thing is pretty safe. Because the government is a coalition government. There is no member to give. So I do not think there will be any addiction. By the resignation of the Minister of Textile Technology, they will have their own ministry. They (the four ministers who resigned) still have to be clear. The darkness would probably be tomorrow. It can be tonight.

Muhit said: "No, no, I will not bear it, I think my decision will be in the upcoming elections, I will send the documents for the nomination, Dummi is something to submit. If I miss my candidate, then I have to get up.

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