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They also play acting and modeling


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Some of the singers of Bangladesh have written names in acting or modeling. Someone else was involved in inclusion. The first of them is the name of the deceased Jafar Iklal. One of the stylistic heroes of film Bangla is one of the first actor's directors. She could sing a wonderful song from her childhood. The house played in music. His sister Shahnaz Rahmatullah is a famous singer. Big brother Anvar Parvez is also a respected artist. Zafar Ikbal was first known as a singer. It was his band. In 1966 he created his band. In addition to acting, in real life, many films
He played the singer. Some songs were singing songs. In 1984, Anvar Parvez's melody in Badam's, in which he plays Razzak, is "bad or bad". one of his popular songs. Another famous song, "Sukhde Theko and Mei Nandini", sung not only in music, but also in other areas of the Azam Khan population flows. In 1986, he performed the role of Cala Baula in the performance "Cala Baul" and in the film "Kum" directed by Shahin-Suman in 2003. In 2003, Crovn Energi became the first model of the beverage advertising program. Then in 2005 and 2008 the model was promoted in Banglalink, and in 2010 in Cobra drinks. Evergrin musician Kumar Biswajit was a model of Stern Blade advertising under the leadership of Mamunur Rashid at the beginning of his career. It was his first job as a model outside the song. In that ad, he did the song "You're Going to Get Flowers in My Garden" for singing a song. Legend of the band Aiub Bacchu was modeled with Popguru Azam Khan in banglalink commercials. He was also modeled in the Tiger Energy Beverage ad. Rock star James is a Pepsi model in the early 2000s. This was the first model of his model. Then in 2011 he worked on the ads of Black Drinks Energi Drink. James is seen in some parts of the Bollywood film Life in the Metro. Where he played the role of a member of the group. In 2013, Jamie worked on the video "Varning" Beabashi. There he mixed his lips with a song. Partha Barua, as an actor, has a huge popularity as the lead singer of the popular bands Soul of the Countri. In addition to actors in films like "Cinema", "Last Tvo Dais", "Prii Bok", "Journei Bi Love", "Jalakana", "CIB" and many other performances, he also telephoned Mirza Baja. Singer SD Rubel debuted in 2011 with "Suchli Loveaaaa" directed by Monitzur Rahman Akbar. His second "Oldashashram" movie now releases release. He was also a model in advertising. Music star Asif Akbar plays in Gahin Gun. In addition, it will be filmed with the VIP film. Recently, Habib Wahid came straight into the short short film of 22 minutes, although he was caught in a video in a romantic romance. However, his new song "Ponovo ti" is a short film that has been built around. In addition to popular musician Tahsan Gan Gao, he played a significant number of plays and phone melodies. The Tahsian identity of the actors is also very bright, as is the singer. All the drama and television that worked out of it got a lot of enthusiasm. The first movie, "Ek Din," directed by Tahsan. Unlike the actor who played heroin Srabanti from Kolkata. In the meantime, Tahsan was popular among some of the popular commercials
It was a model. Another popular artist, Hridai Khan, also boasted acting in several television dramas.

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