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This is the time of the death of Nisham Coach!


Nisham finished six in the super. Photo: AFP However, Kiwi, Jimmy Nisham, who had learned to play at four years, could not alleviate the emotion of the World Cup finals, after being hit by six balls in the Super Over, Jimmy Neesham ,

Shortly after the end of the World Cup, Jimmy Neesham tweeted: "Children do not sport sports. Make a cookie or do something else. It's also good to die happily at the age of 60." In the same way, after the final defeat, this tweet made the Nisham tweet mean he was bleeding in the heart. Now it is known that the cause of Nishama's anxiety is elsewhere. Dishma's childhood coach, David James Gordon, died at the end of the final superfamily.

Nisham tuitejava the subject "Dave Gordon, my high school teacher, my coach and friend. Your love for the game was contagious. Basically, for those who were lucky enough to learn from you and from Play under your control It was at the end of this game, this is a great thing for me. I hope to be proud of you. Thank you for everything. I wish you peace.

At the first tickets of the World Cup finals, New Zealand stopped in 241 races. In response, England also stopped in 241 races. The final of the Cricket World Cup for the first time to overcome. Before, beating first, the English bats Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler beat 15. Martin Guptill and Jimmy Nisham replied. Nisham reduced the gap by scoring a great six in scoring his second overcoming. Gordon, who was excited at the time of death The incident tells his daughter Leoney: "When a nurse gets to visit her father during overcoming. It only says that the father's breathing speed is changing. I think that , when Nisham hit six lice, Baba resigned to his last breath.

In addition to Jimmy Neesham, many stars such as Lucky Ferguson did with Gordon. Gordon was working as a cricket and hockey coach in Auckland Grammar School for two decades and a half.

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