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Tune melody has changed the language


International Festival of Folklore Festival

Indian folk artist Ragho Dikshit – Saiful Islam serves music on the second day of the National Festival

The Bahraini group is in the music of Arabic melodies, which does not differ much with the text of Baul's philosophy. In the Bengal folk music, as well as the happiness and grief of the Bengali people, as well as the mention of love, the struggle and the difficulties of the ordinary people of the Bahrain song Majazzi or Surasaila come out. So, when Los Tekmaiaks from the United States singing songs and melodies in Texas, young people in Bangladesh do not have much difference to look for their voice. Despite differences in language, melody melody disappears in one way. Languages ​​differ in the way they express themselves, but it becomes talk of people, love and talk of life. Music makes a difference in the world by making a difference in the country and making it all universal. Appearance of the joy and pain of the world's people.

Dhaka was the second day of the fourth edition of the International Folk Festival held on Friday. Initially, the song of the young people of Bangladesh was the voice of the vote. Then the Majay band bands brought the Arabic style to the Army Stadium. Then came the Indian team Raghu Dikshit Project. One of the greatest attractions of the day, the famous band Los TeMatManiks won the Grammy Award in the United States. In the end, People's Empress Mamtai from Bangladesh The weekend was Friday due to a stadium that swam with the audience. Dhaka Bank Limited, Grameenphone and Rudhuni are co-operating to organize this initiative dedicated to San Foundation and San-Communication initiative.

Excellent band Rajhahi Svarabengo Folk Fusion team sang this first song at the Folk Festival. Only the poem did not pay attention to the song, and their thinking differed from the voice of Svarabanjo. They have two albums, including songs and planes, but are not released on the market, but can be downloaded online for free. Yesterday, Svarabenjo's audience sang in the audience of the audience. Members of the group are Vocals: Bagha Taleb, Rapak Ahmed, Asif Hasan Niloi, Ratul Sarkar; Flute and Harmonica Shahidul Alam Life, Bagha Taleb; Guitar: Bana Ratna, Neelai Bias: Rupk Ahmed, Tanvir-Al-Azzad Violin: Anxiously high Pratikshan and Kahan: Sanjay Mallik. They sing one "I want to know what your real name is", "Look, in a broken house, bad people ride on the throne", "Son of a tan as a scarf tree", "Kaindana kiandana daughter of a kandiio and that baigun tilia dimu Your neck is songs "Indubala Go".

Then he came to the stage, the Progressive Fusion Band Mazaj from the small island of Bahrain on the Arabian Peninsula. Originally a rock group, they created their series in Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Balkan, Celtic melodies. They just performed on stage for three years from 2013. When popularity was released, their first single album, released in October 2016, was released. In the following year, their record "Rihala" praised the world. Currently, the bands are Jihad Al Halal-Chello, Abdullah Faisal-Parkhasans, Salah Sarakhat-Base and Hamid Al Said – guitar. Music performances bring new melodies to visitors to the festival

Raghupati Dvarkanath Dikshit is a popular name for Indian folk artists at the moment. Folklore of various regions of India presenting the project Raghu Dikshit with the help of modern and international music. Kannada Poetri Inspiration is available in this group song on stage lungi and fatva. Raghu Dikshit goes to the song of the project, in terms of world music, Indian tradition and emotion. Due to the biggest music festival in the world, the audience of Bangladesh was caught yesterday. They are currently members of the Raghu Dikit Project Band – Raghupati Dvarkanath Dikit, Naresh Nathan, Joe Jacob, Naveen Thomas.

Then came the stage of the American popular band Los Tekmaiaks. Inspired by Techno music, Mak Baka formed the band in 1997. The influence of blues, nation, country, jazz and rock music followed the Texas song. Among the members of the band, Mak Backa is called the world's greatest sexual cartoonist. On the other hand, Josh Bacca learned the basic theme of "Techno music" with his incredible harmonious performance in his own language. It's called "Tekas Gambo". The Mexican-thin American influence led the drum band and multi-instrumentalist Lorenzo Martinez to the band. Included are Noel Hernandez, Vill J. Lees, Flako Iemenise

Bangladeshi responsible artist Momtaz Begum. The popularity of the song gave him the honor of being a member of parliament. It was the last attraction for the second day of the festival yesterday. Playing in his song, the whole stadium This artist, popularly known as Folkman, is also known for the peoples of Bangladesh to perform various types of songs. After his father began playing music Honei Baiiati, then Razzak Devan learned and finally sang songs to the government Abdur Rashid. For more than two decades, more than 700 single albums have been released in his musical career.

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