Saturday , April 17 2021

Twenty-one to the brilliant Australia

Australia's host, on the first day of the Canberra race against Sri Lanka, runs to the race At the end of the first day, the 384 in Australia went to 4 wickets in the first two-beating Australian inputs Joe Burns and the professional baptism of Travis. Fernando was fired for 161, but Barnes, who remained unbeaten at 172 at the end of the day, Australia has played five test matches in the last four months. However, no Australian bun has ever seen a century in these five races. The last happened was in 1882. No Australian batman has ever seen one hundred in his three test tests. But Barnes and Trives made this drought in the century. At the Manuka stand, Australian captain Tim Paine sat down a bit during the launch. Tim Paine failed to win the throw in the right hand for three consecutive tests. In this match, the team captain won the throw in the left hand. Penn decided to beat to win the launch. However, Aziz did not start in any way. Australia sank with only 28 races on the scoreboard, losing 3 wickets. The Openers Marcus Harris 11, Usman Khawaja 0 and Maranas Lubucan returned to the dismissal for 6 races. However, the hosts lost in the fourth wicket pair. Head-Barnes added 308 races to the fourth wicket. About a year and a half ago, Australia obtained a hundred of a hundred associations. None of the first century of the race returned to the hat during the remaining hours of the day. He scored 161 races in 214 balls with 21 fours and 1 six before being dismissed. Barnes returned to Headlines for the first time after going to number six, Curtis Patterson. He also exceeded his previous maximum of 170 races at the tickets. The world Fernando took 3 wickets for Sri Lanka, while Gambhir Karuetten, an experienced pastor, got a wicket each. Sri Lanka has seen innings and 40 races in the first test against Australia in the first test.

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