Wednesday , December 8 2021

Two Chinese citizens were caught alive by eating Pran Roo


Daka: Engineering program for video games Chinese citizen Chiming and Leian In a house in the residential area of ​​Pink Citi in the capital. On Monday (November 12th), a dog in front of the dog was not able to cope with the temptation to watch. They took the dog to eat it and give it to them.

This is the danger of a dog owner Pran Roy could not find his pet. Later, the police informed the police about the abduction of dogs and neighbors who complained to the police.

In this context, Pran Roy told the banglan's that about two hours my six dogs were playing in the lake next to the house. From there, several Chinese people stole 11-month cakes (dog names). They slaughtered their spinning cakes in the neck and left the skin to the door.

"The neighbor's driver told me to take a Chinese dog, I immediately found out that I did not have a dog. At 15 o'clock we saw Chinese people who burned my burner, we caught him right away, then do DG in the police station.

Pran Rai is a total of six dogs Cookies were domesticated.

Later, on behalf of the appeal, the call was addressed to the Chinese people, the Khilkhet Police Station. Despite trying to solve things after understanding their mistakes, the dog owner wrote a simple log (GD) at Pran Roy Police Station.

Representative Khilkhet Thana (OC) Mostazirul Rahman told the Banglaes that the actor wants to solve the issue of Zubaira, the pet dog dog of actor Prana Roia. But Pran Roy recorded a simple diary (GD No. 307). Two Chinese citizens came to the police station and after they failed, they left.

Bangladesh Time: 2150 hours, 12 November, 018

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