Sunday , March 7 2021

Two-day goddess on television!

"Devi" will be shown on the same television channel for two consecutive days. According to sources of cinema, on February 13, on the occasion of Pala Falgun and February 14 on the occasion of the World Day of Love, the film will be shown at Maasranga Television. This is the most commercial photo of the year 2015. On January 27th, the 100th edition of the theatrical film show "Devi & # 39;" was completed.

Actor Zaya Ahsan has produced an image of government grants. He also starred in the movie. Director Anum Biswas Chanchal Chowdhury, Shabnam Faria, Eresh Jake, Animesh Aich and others have also starred in the film.

The Star Cineplex border areas now show "Goddess" as the opening film of Bangla. Next to Star CinePlace in Bashundhara City, Blockbuster cinemas in Jamuna Future Park and Silver Screen in Chittagong feature eleven 'Devi & # 39;' exhibitions. every day. In the United States of San Diego, the hundredth day, at 12:45 a.m., "Goddess" appeared.

Maasranga TV is the world premiere of television in the photo "Devi". Jaya Ahsan said: "From the broadcasting companion of the movie Maasranga Television, that is why two days after the small screen watchers were prepared to look at the" Goddess "sitting at Maasranga Television in the house. Visitors who did not go to theaters to watch the "Goddess" or to see fascinated visitors again and again, we have arranged all the films of Ms. Ali, Ranu, Nilu, Anis, Ahmed Sabet, who will be seated at home.

Jaya Ahsan also said: "Pallava Falgun who lost the" goddess "will not even have the opportunity to be disappointed. Maasranga Television will also promote the" Goddess "to World Love Day. "

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