Sunday , October 2 2022

Victory of the Jute Mill fire mine in Chittagong


Victoria Jute Match Fire. Photo: It's been spent

They have produced fireworks at Victoria Jute Mill in Chittagong. The fire started at 5:30 p.m. on Friday. Officer in charge of Pahartali police Sadip Das said 14 vehicles of six units of the fire service are working on fire.

The Fire Service Control Center of Agarkad said the fire broke out at 5 in the morning at Victoria Jute. There was a fire in different warehouses rented to Jute Mill.

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Pahartali Police officer said: "Some police teams have already been present. Many fire service units are trying to fire the fire. However, the police and the fire service did not receive any information Immediately on fire due to fire.

Assistant Deputy Director of Fire Service Fire Service Monitoring According to Jasim Uddin, a source of the fire service said: "The Victoria Jute Mill has been closed for a long time. 7/8 warehouses have leased to different companies In these stores, several companies have temporarily maintained their products. One of these stores was caused by fire. Efforts were made to establish the fire until the report was written. 15 fire bomber cars are working together

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