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Who will be the prime minister of the unique front, Malkani answered

[ad_1] participated in a discussion on a unique front
Toufik Imroz Khalidi, editor-in-chief of Dotcom, went out and told reporters that this question was raised
He did not get an answer.

With regular and senior journalists of various newspapers, the hotel was in Lecce
About two hours in this discussion, elections, voting environments, the role of the government, the opposition party
There are many things about expectations.

After the debate, Kamal, the leader of the single front, came to the formal briefing
Hossain told reporters that the next eleven parliamentary elections would be free and fair
They wanted to work with editors.

Ganapurem President of the party on October 13 with some registered and unregistered groups including BNP
Dr. The national unique front was formed to demand the demand of seven points led by Kamal Hossain.

Broke the parliament, free Khaled Zhi, under the election of a neutral government
The lawsuit was at seven points.

President of the Avami League, Sheikh Hasina, with two demands
UnitiFront leaders sat in the dialogue. Although there is no compromise there, they are a "movement"
As part of the "announcement for participation in the elections.

Meeting of the leader of the national unit with the editors of the media at Hotel Lakeshore, Gulshan, on Friday, in front of eleven National Assembly elections. Photo: Mahmoud Zaman

Elections hold eleven parliamentary elections on December 30th
The commission also held a meeting with a single front. But there is also a fair choice against the BNP
The leaders did not doubt.

Unified Front leaders, including the BNP, say that if the elections are fair, then people are enormous
League Avami will defeat them by voting, will reject the rejection of the Avami League

But if the front of national unity won the alliance against the ruling decision, they would have won
General Secretary of the League Avami asked the Prime Minister on Wednesday
Obaidul Kuader

He said: "I want to know. The people also want to know. Tell me who the prime minister is
Will you? Dr. Kamal Hossain Tarek Rahman? Who will be Who is your Prime Minister Fais. "

Three seats for President of the BNP Khaled Zia in prison
Party leaders have gathered in the form of party nomination. But his 17 years in two cases of corruption
In prison, he is not yet skeptical about whether they will be able to vote.

Kaledin, the senior son of the BNP, Chairperson Tarik Rahman, is ten years old
The family lives in London. He was sentenced to 17 years in two cases of corruption,
The August 21 shelling case was awarded a life sentence.

The Secretary General of the BNP said that the party will take over the leadership of the Standing Committee on this bad day
Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir Requests seven points to put the government on the debate
Kamal Hosain had to link the alliance.

The United Front officially described Kamal Hossain as its "main leader"
Do it. He looked at him as "the main guest" on the unique front, and Mirza
Phakhrul was the main speaker.

After the formation of the National UnitiField, Ganoformam ahead of criticism of the leader of the Avami League
President Dr. Kamal Hossain said that there are no candidates or candidates in the elections
She did not want to get it. And Tarik Rahman will return to the land with the head of the sentence – such an indication
Not yet found.

How will the sharing of a place happen if the parties of the unified fund together in the elections?
Alliance leaders have not yet decided on this issue. In that case, they formed the government
Who will be the head of government? That question is coming.

Toufik Imroz Khalidi wanted to know who would be prime minister if he won, but did not get an answer

Toufik Imroz Khalidi wanted to know who would be prime minister if he won, but did not get an answer

On Friday, editors came out of meetings with a unique front Editor-in-chief Tovfik Imroz Khalidi
They wanted to know what they were talking about.

In response he said: "I asked the question at the exchange meeting if the Front is the winner
Who would be the prime minister? I could not answer that question. "

She said, if possible, if the united front is the winner, who is the prime minister
The leaders of this alliance should now be clear.

"While we tried to follow the British parliamentary system. In India,
In Britain or other democratic countries … everyone, but before
From this, know who will be prime minister if this group or this winner is the winner. However, this is the case
This front must be clear. That's not clear yet. "

Responding to the journalists' question, Toufikue Imroz Khalidi, a spokesman for the unique front
BNP leader Mirza Fakhrul said that they kept notes of editorial opinion. Later together
They respond.

In addition to Mirza Fakhrul, BNP Khandaker in the name of a unique front
Mosharraf Hossain, Moudud Ahmad, Amir Khasru Mahmud Chovdhuri, ASD Abdur Rab from JSD, Tania
Rob, Mostafa Mohsin Moto Ganoforama, Subrata Chovdhuri, Mahmudur Rahman Manna of the Civil Unity,
Sultan of the national unity process Mansur Ahmed was present in exchange for exchange.

Among the editors were the first lights of Motiur
Rahman, Sid Kamaluddin of the holiday, Matiur Rahman Covdur from Manabjamin, Nurul Kabir of the new age,
Our new time Naimul Islam Khan, Jafar Sobhan from Dhaka Tribune, Rezwan days
Siddikui and journalist Riaz Uddin Ahmed.

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